The Path Forward

So much of the current political climate in the United States seems to be born of a dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, and a desire for change. One of voters’ top concerns in the 2016 presidential election was the economy. Despite numbers showing the economy has been improving, many Americans weren’t feeling those … Continue reading The Path Forward

Stronger Together

I’m a strong believer in the inherent good-ness of most people. I believe that, provided the right conditions and circumstances, people move in a healthy, growth-oriented, and positive direction. However, given imperfect circumstances, we cannot fully expect individuals to act in positive ways, ways that are prosocial, growth-oriented, and inclusive of others. What we’ve seen … Continue reading Stronger Together

Rewards Programs

I tend to avoid rewards programs. You know them, the kind that offer you points for spending money. The reason is that rewards programs are designed to subtly change our behavior in ways that we don’t notice, and I am always trying to be more intentional in how I spend my money. Rewards may seem … Continue reading Rewards Programs